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Year 10 School Exams 2019

The exams are mainly taking place during the week 24th June.    Most exams take place in the HALL during the week.

From Monday 24th June students will be allowed home study and therefore will only be required in school for their exams.  Students must ensure they are in school in good time for the start of an exam.  For most students there is at least one examination per day.  Full school uniform will be required throughout the examination period.

These exams will be conducted under full examination conditions as set out by the exam regulations. A copy of the exam room regulations in on the page - these are the same regulations required for the "real" GCSE examinations.  It is important students approach the exams in the right manner - good practice for the mock examinations next year in December and the actual examinations this time next year.

Year 10 School Examinations June 2019 (COMFIRMED)


Start – 8.50am


Start 11.10am


Start 2.10am

Monday 24th June



Maths 1




Tuesday 25th  June



French (Reading and Writing)


French (Listening)

Wednesday 26th June

Science (Trilogy)

Chemistry (Triple)


Spanish (Reading and Writing)


Spanish (Listening)

Thursday 27th  June



Maths 2


Physics (Triple)

Friday 28th June





Biology (Triple)



*Art and Graphics Exam* – Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July 

*English Literature assessment* - final week of term - Tuesday 16th July (Periods 1 and 2)

Please note - Arrangements will be made for the Art and Graphics students to complete the English lit exam separately