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Year 11 Mock Examinations Dec 2017

Mock examination timetable for Year 11 mocks (published October 2017)

Year 11 Mock Examinations  (December 2017)
Week A Timetable AM (9am start) PM (1.30pm Start)
Monday 4th December Art Exam or Normal Lessons
Tuesday 5th December Art Exam or Normal Lessons
Wednesday 6th December Maths - Paper 1  Spanish (Listening + Reading)  
Thursday 7th December Biology + Chemistry English
Friday 8th December P.E.  MFL  Written
Week B Timetable AM (9am start) PM (1.30pm start)
Monday 11th December Maths - Paper 2   History 
Tuesday 12th December French (Listening + Reading) Computing / Creative iMedia / Travel & Tourism / Music (Rm 48)
Wednesday 13th December Geography Physics
Thursday 14th December Maths - Paper 3 DT 

Normal lessons will run upto Tuesday 5th Dec. Art students will be out of lessons on the Monday and Tuesday completing their exam.  From Wednesday 6th December students are expected in for examinations only - remembering to be in school in good time for the start of the examination.  Students are expected in for all of their examinations.  Students must be wearing normal school uniform and have all the required equipment.


Year 10 and 11- Mock MFL Oral Examinations

These will take place in the LRC.  Table below gives an outline when teachers will be running the orals for each class - tudents have been given individual times.


Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Teacher 3

Tuesday 28th Nov

11.1 Fr (LCO)  Periods 1-5

11.1 Sp (HPA) Periods 1-5

10 dblFr (JME) Periods 1-5

Wednesday 29th Nov

11.1 Fr (LCO) Periods 2-3

10 dblFr/11.2 Fr (JME) Periods 1-5


Thursday 30th Nov

11.2 Fr (JME) Periods 1-3

11.1 Sp / 11 dbl Sp (HPA) Periods 1-5

11.2 Sp (CMP) Periods 1-5

Friday 1st Dec

11.3 Fr (KAL) Periods 1-5

11 dbl Sp (HPA) Periods 1-2