Welcome to BBC News School Report 2015!!

Every year, William Ellis students participate in the BBC News School Report, an interesting project which gives 11 – 16 years old the chance to make the news for a real audience. This year we were delighted to work with a highly engaged and interesting group of Year 8 students who took part in workshops at the school as well as a practise BBC News Report day at Camden City Learning Centre, before the final day on March 19th. We were thrilled to host BBC journalist Lesley McGlynn who ran a workshop discussing her role as a Multi-skilled technical operator at the BBC, and had this to say about het time with us:

“…. What a great session! I was really impressed with the group and their enthusiasm. There are some genuinely bright and talented kids in the class…”


Students from William Ellis School made the news for real on 19 March 2015. Please enjoy the fruits of their labour!