Letting Policy


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Conditions of Hire Form 2009-10 (word)

Hire of School Form 2009-10 (word)


The Governing Body of William Ellis School wishes to administer the letting of the school premises out of school hours for the benefit of:

a) Community Groups

b) Youth Groups

c) Local Residents

d) Increased income for teaching and learning in the School

The Governing Body will work within the Local Authority’s Local Scheme of management and intend to prioritise lettings in the following order:

1) For the benefit of users of the School

2) Use for school functions, Parents/Teachers Associations or fund raising activities

3) Voluntary Organisations

4) Other users approved by the Governing Body

For weekday bookings, the Governing Body will be seeking a minimum advance booking of one term.

The Governing Body has the right to refuse any application where it feels the aims of the hirer are not consistent with any school policy.

The Governing Body has the right to refuse any application without explanation.


The Governing Body fully recognises the need of community groups, and the hire charges are structured to enable these groups to take advantage of the School’s facilities. However, schools are not permitted to make an overall loss through letting of the premises as the school’s budget cannot be used other than for children’s education.

The pricing structure is based upon charges for similar local facilities, but the Governing Body may exercise flexibility in setting charges for long-term and large-scale users. It is the intention of the Governing Body to charge the real cost for the use of the premises to all hirers.

The current hire charges are detailed in Appendix 1 and will be reviewed annually by the Governing Body.


The School will adhere to the administrative procedures detailed in the Local Authority’s Scheme of Management, and the School Business Manager will have overall responsibility for this area.

The current procedures for hiring the School’s premises are above as links.