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Year 10 Exams June 2022

Year 10 School Examinations June 2022

Monday 20th June

Art/Graphics Examination

(all other students in normal lessons)

Tuesday 21th June

Art / Graphics Examination

(all other students in normal lessons)

Wednesday 22nd June

Drama Assessment Day (DSI)/ Food Practical




Start – 8.50am



Start 1.30pm

Thursday 23rd June

(Week A)




Maths Paper 1

(Hall and LO2)


Friday 24th June






English Language

(Hall and LO2)

Monday 27th June

(Week B)







French (Reading and Listening)

(Hall and LO2)

Tuesday 28th June

Maths Paper 2

(Hall and LO2)



Chemistry (Triple)


Wednesday 29th June

Biology (Triple)




English Literature

(Hall and LO2)

Thursday 30th June

Physics (Triple)





Science (Trilogy) (Biology/Chemistry and Physics)


Friday 1st July

Business and Geography






German (Reading and Listening)

(Hall and LO2)

From Thursday 23rd to Friday 1st July students ONLY need to be in for the exams – when students do not have an exam, they are allowed home study.  Students should be in school at least 20 minutes before the start of each examination and bring with them all the required equipment for the examination. 


Normal school uniform must be worn during the exam period when students are in school.