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Year 8 steal the show in Macbeth!!

Year 8 give flawless performance of Macbeth at the Shakespeare's Schools Festival!

Lukas Angelini the stage directer writes,

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to William Ellis School for your fantastic production of Macbeth as part of the 2018 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a brilliant night of theatre, and I’d like to highlight just a few elements that really stood out.
A seamless performance that was flowing like music. You showed real talent in listening and rhythm. You took time when you had to and you had speed when needed.
You were working together as a tight-nit group throughout the performance and rehearsals. This helped to tell the story wonderfully especially when it was time to say good bye to Macbeth!
What made this story work exceptionally well overall was the way that it employed all the very best methods of storytelling. Big facial expressions, fantastic gestures and voices which were full of variation You got to grips with intentions of your characters and that helped you with embodying your roles and made it come alive.
You had no problems of springing quick into action which was very much appreciated on the night. There was a great readiness and resourcefulness to your troupe during rehearsals, a skill which will help hugely you in the professional world!
A slick performance from a bound together ensemble that brought out magnificently the plight of Macbeth.
Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes courage, resilience, and imagination. You and your teachers should all incredibly proud of what you have achieved.
I hope to see William Ellis School in the Festival again next year!