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Absence procedure

Good attendance and punctuality are vital to a student's success.

We understand that there are reasons for a student to be absent or late. Good communication between home and school helps keep students safe. Therefore, please follow the following absence procedures.

What to do if your child is unable to come to school:

Please telephone the school’s absence line on 020 7267 9346 by 8.30am.

You will need to give your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence.

Any documentation relating to absence (e.g a doctor's certificates or medical appointment letters) may be emailed to the attendance Officer, Mrs Ellis, via: .

If your child is away from school for more than one day please keep us informed each day.

If your son is absent and we have not heard from you, we will contact you through text message and/or phone call. If you receive such a text message we request that you contact the school immediately as there may be a safeguarding concern.

If your son is absent and we have not been informed we will record the absence as unauthorised.

Continued unauthorised absence may need to be reported to the local authority.

If the school has safeguarding concerns about continued unauthorised absence we may involve the Safer Schools Police Officer.

What to do if your child is late for school:

On some occasions you may know your son will be late to school with legitimate reasons. Please inform us by telephoning the absence line, 020 7267 9346.


If you have any queries about your son’s attendance or punctuality please contact Alison Ellis, the school’s Attendance Officer, or your child’s form tutor.