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Uniform code - effective January 2024 

Boys in years 7 to 11 are required to wear school uniform in accordance with the guidance in our behaviour policy (section 9). 

Sixth form students must abide by the LaSWAP dress code. 

Research demonstrates that school uniform:  

  • Promotes a sense of community, identity and pride within a school setting  

  • Supports the security and welfare of all students  

  • Discourages unnecessary and expensive competition in matters of dress  

  • Prepares students for the world of work 

This uniform code has been designed with these purposes in mind and in response to feedback from students and families. 


Uniform for Years 7 to 11 

Students must wear a blazer when in the school building, or representing the school at external events unless written communication to families about that event states otherwise. 


  • Key Stage 3 - Years 7, 8 & 9: Royal blue blazer with school badge 

  • Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11: Black blazer with school badge 

Available from the school's uniform supplier     

Trousers OR shorts 

  • Charcoal grey or black school trousers (no jeans, chinos, combat trousers, tracksuit style or material) 

  • Students may wear charcoal grey or black school shorts (no jeans, chinos, combat trousers, tracksuit style or material). They must wear white, black or charcoal grey socks. 


  • Plain white, light blue or grey 


  • School tie appropriate to year group - purchased through ParentPay and collected from the school office 

  • Year 7: blue with yellow stripes 

  • Year 8: blue with yellow stripe, green detail 

  • Year 9: blue with yellow stripe, red detail 

  • Years 10 &11: black with yellow stripes 


  • Plain black without any coloured decoration or logos. Laces must be black. 

PE kit 

  • WES Royal blue/white football shorts 

  • WES Royal/White Training top 

  • WES Zip Training top black/white (optional) 

  • WES Training pants black/white (optional) 

  • WES Royal/White Socks 

All available from school uniform supplier 


A weatherproof coat or anorak.  Outside coats may not be worn in the school building.  Leather or denim jackets are not acceptable. 


A good bag is essential and must be suitable for carrying books securely and without damage. 


Students are allowed to wear one single studded earring in each ear. This must be plain metal and no bigger than the wearer’s natural ear lobe. No other jewellery must be worn, and all must be removed for PE or other practical lessons at the teacher’s instruction. 

In addition to other items, it is optional for students to wear a jumper – v neck, long sleeves and in a knitted style (not sweatshirt material). This can be navy blue, black or grey. 

Adjustments for warm weather 

  • Throughout the final half term (June and July), students have the option to not bring or wear their blazer or jumper to school. 

  • If the weather is exceptionally or unseasonably warm, further adjustments to the uniform may be made at the discretion of the headteacher as part of a risk assessment for hot weather.  This will not involve families buying additional items of clothing. 

If a student arrives at school without correct uniform the school will take one of the following approaches:  

  • Provide correct uniform for the student to wear, from a stock of clean supplies.  

  • Ask the child to return home to correct their uniform, either prior to the school day starting or with permission from the parent/carer  

  • Provide a uniform card for the student to use during the course of the day.

Defiance of these instructions will be dealt with in accordance with our behaviour policy. 

Common uniform issues  

We ask all parents and carers to support the school by keeping strictly to the prescribed uniform list. The following are not part of the school uniform and must not be worn:  

  • Tracksuit tops  

  • Sweatshirts or hooded tops, with or without a zip  

  • Visible tops worn underneath the school shirt  

  • Headwear 

  • Jewellery, other than single studded earrings  

  • Patterns shaved or cut into hair  

Students will be asked to remove these items when in school. Items may be confiscated and returned at a later date. 


SWI's Parent Guide

Our uniform supplier, SWI, have launched a guide for families which includes information, offers and benefits including tips for buying uniform and discounts for early ordering.

Please click on the link for more information: 

Or, for further queries, contact SWI direct: