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Arrangements during school closure

The school is currently closed for most students. We are operating mini-WES which is a special provision for students whose parents and carers are key workers and for other identified students.

The core provision in mini-WES will be from 9am until 3pm.  Mini-WES will be continuing through the Easter holiday including on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Students are welcome to arrive from 8am and stay until 4pm.  

All students are expected to arrive by 9am.  We will follow normal procedures for students who are absent and expected in school. Please let the school know if your son is unable to attend to save staff using unnecessary time to follow up missing students. We will be operating with a skeleton staff.

Students should report in school uniform. Uniform is not required for students attending in the Easter holiday. 

We will be working alongside Parliament Hill School. Students from each school will be following separate programmes but all students will be based in the Sixth Form Centre. We will also be making use of other facilities on the Parliament Hill site.

Children of key workers

All parents/carers who are key workers and who would like their son to make use of the provision must let the school know. Please email: or complete the form available here.

Other identified students

We want all our students to comply with the Government's instructions to stay at home through this period.  However, we have a identified a small number of students for who would benefit from attending mini-WES. Staff will be contacting the parents and carers of these children.

The mini-WES daily programme

Students will spend some time completing work set by their subject teachers.

There will be additional activities in the day including art & craft, games and sport. There will also be some collaborative project based learning. We will have regular assemblies and will be listening to what students say in order to develop our provision.

Students on Free School Meals 

Current arrangement for students on Free School Meals

Sixth-form students who normally have free school meals and the parents/carers of boys in Years 7 to 11 who normally have Free School Meals will have had a number of messages from the school.  The school has been distributing Sainsburys gift cards for students who normally have Free School Meals. These gift cards will have £12.50 added to them every week until the Government voucher scheme is fully operational.   

Future arrangement for student on Free School Meals

The Government has launched a voucher scheme for students who normally receive free school meals.  Families will receive a weekly voucher for £15 through this scheme. We will implement this scheme as soon as we can. We have been in communication with the agency overseeing the scheme this week.