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Year 13 Student speaks out on Summer grading

Year 13 student Alex Thorne has had a letter published in this week's Camden New Journal.

Alex, who has been a William Ellis student since Year 7 and is currently studying for A-levels at LaSWAP, has made a very eloquent summation of his views on the recent announcement about how Year 11 and Year 13 students will be graded this year.

Alex believes that "The recent decision to force teachers to use the same pieces of evidence for all their students will do more harm than good. Having promised us A-levels and GCSEs would not take place this year, and that teachers would be trusted to grade students, the government are now, in all but name, giving us exams with extra steps" and concludes: "Teachers must be allowed to decide what is best for their students." 

We are very pleased to see our students so actively engaged in current affairs and giving voice to their views in the local press.

To read the letter in full please click the link below: