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Lauderdale House win Poetry Competition

The Poetry Competition Winners


In the Autumn term Mr DiFusco organised a House Poetry Competition.

Students were asked to submit an original poem and at the end of term staff were asked to vote for their favourites.


The competition had lots of interesting and intriguing poetry but the final winners were Lauderdale House with winning student Chun. Below is a list of all the entrants and winning poems.








Lauderdale House



Entries from: Jacob, Tom, Archie, Chun, Finley, Michael, Aidan, Erin, Noureddine, Nathan, Gjin, Leon and Gabe



Winner: Chun

Runners up: Erin, Leon, Gabe



Winning poem:


By Chun


A bunch of unique drawings,

All wrapped up in one

Single piece of paper.


I would ponder what these ideas are,

But for myself, I am different.

What could I possibly be?


In fact, I am naught – zero.

I am the unfinished space

That you cover me with.


Imperfect and awfully shaped

It makes life more,



These random ‘ things’  you see

Left alone and erased

As I take back my space.


But it helps me too!

Because there is no finished

Without the unfinished…





Keats House



Entries from: Cameron, Connor, Marco, Liam, Farish, Stirling, Santi, Rabbi, Akar and Aaron



Runners up: Connor, Thomas, Cameron


Winner: Marco



Winning poem:


The Diverse City


My city has two sides,

As does every story.

Some people have got everything

That they like

And other will have to fight for it.

I am hopefully optimistically pessimistically realistic

But my characteristics are mystically going ballistic

Over the injustice of this.


I cannot drown out the thoughts in my head,

If we are all equal, then

Why can one man sleep peacefully within his bed, W

While another doesn’t even

Have a roof over his head?





Fenton House




Entries from: Ari, Leeroy, Michael, Alex, Naveid, Jake, Saim and Anish



Winner: Ari

Runners up: Alex, Michael, Saim



Winning Poem:


Reminiscence of Tel-Aviv


The bountiful pigeons arouse the city

A white, worn-off truck passes by

As I lend my ear to the city and the city only

I can feel the urban livingness being summoned

Almost like an instinctive, ritual cycle

Every individual out in the streets

Every crow on its daily leftover feast

Every single step sounds of amplification

The relentless sun beams tapping on my back

And the tourists marching on the terrifically dirty sidewalk

The awesome neglect that surrounds me

And the noble blue skyscrapers

Superseding hundreds of diminishing small houses

The eminent feeling of elaborate imperfection

Bound to every single tower, tree, traffic light


The urge to kiss the land in its fair terms

The languid waves of the leaden sea

Crushing one after one into beaches of plain beige

Forcing the beholders to stay and watch

The mannerly adrenaline in air

Featuring the charm of the infinite nightlife

And the infinite-seeming night hike

Accompanied by the sober wind

The sound of a school bell nearby

Still stuck in my head as if it was yesterday

It's the people I used to acquaint

The fun sound of motorbike extravaganza

Mounted by their old, sluggish drivers

On a peaceful Shabbat morning

And all those nostalgic pieces of reminiscence

Which slowly fade away from my identity

Hello Tel-Aviv

And as it happens,

Goodbye Tel-Aviv





Burgh House





Entries from: Max, Pablo, Omar, Jack, Suliman, Tyler, Amar, Jonah, Danny, Isaiah, Daniel, Zakiyy, Frederico, Emile and Zac



Winner: Daniel

Runners up: Jonah, Danny, Pablo



Winning Poem:


If I would say the word ocean,

You would say blue.

There is a lot more than that –

The creatures that lurk the depths

Or the wrecks that make you wonder.


If I say the word land,

You would say home.

There is a lot more than that –

The ruins that make up time

Or the volcanoes pouring down with molten lava.


If I say the word air,

You would say sky.

There is a lot more than that –

The birds that see the whole world

Or the peaks of mountains standing tall.


If I say the word Earth,

You would say planet.

There is a lot more than that –

The weathers make up unnatural events

Or shapes that confuse us all.


If I said the word human,

Now you would wonder.





Willow House



Entries from: Mohamed, Teddy, Adam, Jack, Alex, Mohammed, Archie, Andy, Piotr, Stefano and Ben



Winner: Archie

Runners up: Alex, Ben, Piotr, Adam



Winning Poem:


The Boy

Don’t worry it’s not gory,

As it’s not a horror story,

But we should look into these stories.

So you guys all on your phones,

Take a look at the people who are truly alone.


On Monday he stood with all the other kids,

Fighting. Playing. Talking.

Just being annoying.

He laughed and joked about his day,

But no one thought to say,

Are you okay?


On Tuesday he didn’t talk,

to all the other folk.

We raised our hands and copied it all down.

Although we never cared,

For the boy who never shared.


On Wednesday, there was a seat.

It was lonely and bare,

But did anyone care?

No was answer.

As we didn’t see the boy who was slowly drifting out to sea.


On Thursday he sat still, but he wasn’t ill.

He just sat away,

Including from his so called ‘friends’,

Acting like a bunch of clueless hens.


On Friday he once again came in,

But looked like he’d committed a sin.

In class he didn’t mutter a stutter.

In P.E. he never got changed,

And if he did he stood in shame.


However, if you think about this,

He was just any other kid,

In a class full of kids.

But did anyone talk to him?

But did anyone ask him?

Did, anyone help him?

Did anyone know what was


To him?


Thanks to all the students who got creative and took the time to write a poem.