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Development plan

  • Leadership which supports excellent learning
    • Strong leadership throughout the school with a vision of high expectations for all young people underpinned with a deep commitment to tackle inequality and a sound understanding of what makes a difference
    • Governance: The governing body will have a secure knowledge of the impact of the school’s work in raising aspirations, developing learner attributes, improving student wellbeing and closing the attainment gap, through: regular reports from the school detailing the performance and attitudes of students, analysed by student group and sub-group; a well-informed, interested and committed governor nominated to monitor and inform the school’s work in this area; a programme of governor visits which includes student focus groups
    • Rigorous monitoring and use of data, using hard and soft data to evaluate the work of the school, to continue close the gaps and to target support
  • Teaching which supports excellent learning
    • Directly improving the quality of teaching and learning through continuous professional learning focused on developing teachers’ understanding, competency and skills in the aspects of pedagogy or teaching and learning practice where national and international research tell us make the most difference in raising attainment/improving learning
    • Developing WES learner attributes with the aim of improving personal resilience and attitudes to learning
    • Targeted intervention: identifying and providing the specific intervention that will assist those students who need to catch up missed learning or to overcome difficulties in learning.
  • Pastoral care which supports excellent learning
    • Supporting excellent transition between key stages, particularly between primary and secondary school
    • Improving students’ engagement, raising students’ and parents’ aspirations
    • Knowing every individual well and encouraging them to engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities which will develop their character, skills and attitudes (and develop their social and emotional competencies)
    • Working to engage parents and families so that they can better support the learning and development of their child