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Governors are transparent in the way they conduct their business. Minutes of all meetings are available on the school’s website. These show that governors know the school, fulfil their statutory obligations and challenge school leaders.

Ofsted 2017

William Ellis School is a foundation school and a voluntary aided school within the local education authority of the London Borough of Camden.  This means that the charitable Birkbeck and William Ellis School Trust owns a long lease on the land and appoints a majority of the governors – the “Foundation governors”.


The purpose of Governing Body is to lead the strategic development of the school and to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school.

The governing body has a strong focus on three core strategic functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its students, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Body monitors the implementation of standards and our policies through the committee structure set out below; conducts appeals; appoints senior staff; and makes serious disciplinary decisions.


The Governing Body was reconstituted in December 2017. The Governing Body consists of:

  • Nine Foundation governors, one nominated and appointed by the Master of Birkbeck College and eight nominated and appointed by the trustees of the Birkbeck and William Ellis School Trust
  • One staff governor, elected by staff
  • Two parent governors, elected by parents
  • One Local Authority governor nominated by the local authority
  • Two co-opted governors, appointed by Governing Body
  • The acting headteacher

The term of office for all governors is four years.


Chair of Governors:

Ms Selina Skipwith (P)

Vice Chair:

Professor Daniel Monk (OE)

Foundation Governors:

Mr Richard Ault (P)

Dame Karen Dunnell

Mr Omar Harmon (P)

Dr Lee Elliot Major (P)

Ms Fiona Millar (P)

Ms Ronke Coote (P)

Mr Daniel Needleman

Birkbeck Foundation Governor:

Professor Daniel Monk (OE)

Staff Governor:

Ms Jennifer Meechan (S)

Parent Governors:

Mr Stuart Taylor (P)

Ms Sophie Jenkins (P)

Co-opted Governors:

Mr Jonny Woolf (P)

Ms Imogen Sharp (P)

LA Governor:

Ms Georgia Gould

  Associate Governors:

Mrs Nicola Sinclair

Mr Rob Yurchesyn

Acting Headteacher:

Ms Izzy Jones (S)



(P) parent of former or current student(OE) old boy of the School(S) member of staff


The Governing Body has two permanent committees:

  • Resources & Personnel -  Chair: Karen Dunnell, Vice Chair: Jonny Woolf
  • School Improvement - Chair: Sophie Jenkins, Vice Chair: Ronke Coote

Sub-committees deal with admissions, appointments, appeals, staff pay and curriculum complaints 

Individual governors hold specific responsibilities:

  1. SEND: Imogen Sharp
  2. Safeguarding: Ronke Coote
  3. The Mill: Omar Harmon
  4. LaSWAP: Fiona Millar 
  5. LaSWAP: Selina Skipwith
  6. Equalities and Wellbeing: Stuart Taylor
  7. Curriculum Development: Karen Dunnell
  8. Pupil Premium: Sophie Jenkins
  9. Remote Teaching and Learning: Daniel Needleman


To contact the school governors, please email: and please put "FAO Chair of Governors" in the subject line