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Head of Subject:  Ms H Jones (

The main aims of our Department are:

  • To stimulate pupils' interest and curiosity about a range of cultures and time periods.
  • To foster inquisitive minds who can confidently analyse both sources and historical interpretations.
  • To encourage pupils to draw upon a wide range of knowledge in order to make historical judgements.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Battle of Hastings-why did William win?
  • William the Conqueror-how did he keep control of England?
  • Who had the power in the medieval period?
  • Medieval London
  • How similar was the medieval Islamic world to medieval London?

Year 8

  • English Civil War-what made a country fight each other?
  • Industrial Revolution-how far does the Industrial Revolution deserve its name?
  • British Empire-should Britain apologise for her Empire?
  • French Revolution
  • Female suffrage-why did women get the vote?

Year 9

  • World War One-why were Britain and her allies able to win?
  • How similar were Hitler and Stalin?
  • Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
  • World War TwoThe Cold War

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Specification AQA History B

Year 10

  • The Origins of the First World War
  • Peacekeeping and the League of Nations
  •  Hitler’s road to World War Two Controlled Assessment: British People in War

Year 11

  • The Roaring 20s: USA, 1918-1929
  • Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929-1941
  • War in Vietnam, 1954-1975

Assessment -

Two pieces of source-based controlled assessment at the end of year 10

Two written papers at the of year 11 (1 hour 45 minute each)

Further Information

We are currently selling revision guides for our GCSE pupils-please see Ms Jones if you are interested.