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Key Stage 4 English

English Language

This subject is all about communication.    

  • Hearing other people, whether their words are spoken or written.
  • Articulating what you think and saying it well. 
  • Sharing experiences and respecting what other people have to say. It is a subject that breaks down barriers and encourages you to be creative
  • Expressing your feelings and using your imagination.  
  • Becoming a critical reader of information and influential texts. 
  • Responding to unseen non-fiction texts from different time periods.

What will I study?

Unseen non-fiction texts from the 19th century and 20th century, including personal writing, autobiography, travel writing, political speeches, newspaper articles and editorials.    

The skills of writing imaginative and non-fiction writing for a range of different audiences and purposes.

How will I be assessed?

2 exams, both worth 50% at the end of Year 11.

Communicating information and ideas (01) 80 marks: 2-hour written paper.

Exploring effects and impact (02) 80 marks: 2-hour written paper. 

English Literature

This subject involves studying a range of pre- and post-1914 drama, poetry and prose and learning how to make thoughtful and insightful responses to some of the greatest works of English Literature.

What will I study?

A Shakespeare play, a 19th century novel, a modern British drama and a range of poetry from different time periods.

How will I be assessed?

2 exams, both worth 50% at the end of Year 11.

Exploring modern and literary heritage texts (01) 80 marks: 2-hour written paper.

Exploring poetry and Shakespeare (02) 80 marks: 2-hour written paper.

Other important information 

Regular private reading is the best way to develop a whole range of reading and writing skills in English.  It is important that all students are reading a range of fiction and non-fiction on a regular basis.