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School Library

Welcome to William Ellis school library.

All students have access to the school library from 8am – 5.30pm where they can use computers, desks for study and a quiet reading area. The library can be used before school, at break times, lunch times and after school for study, reading and computer use.

Our library at WES offers a wide variety of fiction books for all ages and abilities to promote literacy and foster reading for pleasure.

We also have an extensive range of information books, plus computer access to support all areas and levels of our curriculum.

Students at WES use the school library to:

  • Foster a lifelong love of reading
  • Develop as independent learners and researchers
  • Work, read and participate in activities within a safe environment

Our school library is a space where students are encouraged to read for pleasure. Enjoyment of reading has numerous benefits as it develops curiosity, empathy and understanding of self and others. It encourages creativity and imagination and is a powerful factor in academic achievement.

Each student receives a library card in the autumn term. Students can borrow up to 6 books for 2 weeks at a time. We have lots of different books for them to choose from including fiction, non-fiction, foreign language and graphic novels. The books are linked to English recommended reading lists and the core curriculum.

There are also lots of one-off events and student competitions throughout the year. 

As well as our school library, all students have access to an online library via Eplatform. Once logged in, students can start browsing ebooks and audiobooks immediately and are able to read or listen for two weeks. Students can also study using this eplatform as well as adapt font, page and colour to suit their reading needs.

 Ms Nunnery, Assistant Headteacher