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Parents - introduction

We aim to develop close relationships with the home, creating a strong partnership that supports the learning and development of our students effectively.

We ask parents and carers to support their son's learning by:

  • ensuring he attends school regularly, punctually and properly equipped;
  • informing the school of any concerns or problems that might affect his work or behaviour;
  • encouraging him to work hard, give of his best and develop his potential to the fullest;
  • ensuring he completes all homework and coursework assignments properly and hands them in on time;
  • checking and signing his planner each week;
  • encouraging him to take part in extra-curricular activities;
  • attending parent-teacher meetings and any other meetings which are arranged to discuss his progress; and
  • supporting the school's policies especially regarding uniform and behaviour

The school's policies and other useful documents can be found here.



Parents who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, said overwhelmingly that their children are safe at school. The school provides useful information for parents on how to keep their children safe, via the school’s website.

Ofsted 2017