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Pupil premium, Summer School and catch-up funding

Pupil Premium Grant

Please access the school's report on the impact and use of the Pupil Premium Grant by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

The school is allocated £955 for each eligible Ever Six FSM student and £2345 for each Looked After Child. In 2021-2022 53% of our students were eligible and the school received a grant of £308,465 


William Ellis School aims to be a great school where all students, regardless of their background, develop the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary so that they are well prepared for their future success and wellbeing. 

Historically across the country students from disadvantaged backgrounds have made less progress and have achieved lower outcomes than students from more advantaged backgrounds.  The Government allocates specific funding to every school, called the Pupil Premium Grant, which is to be used with the specific aim of raising the attainment of disadvantaged students to close the attainment gap between them and their peers. 

We believe that the primary tool for closing the gaps is high quality teaching and learning.  We know that high quality teaching has a disproportionately positive impact on students from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Along with high quality teaching whole-class teaching we understand that some young people will benefit from extra intervention in order to accelerate their progress and raise their attainment. We also know that strong pastoral care plays a major role in supporting effective learning.

William Ellis School Equality Objectives 2020-2023
(Agreed by the FGB on 3rd Dec 2020)

Our Equality Objectives for 2020 - 2023 are:

  1. To close the progress gap between students in target groups and other students in all subjects
  2. To ensure that a child’s starting point need not be a barrier to achieving excellence,by ensuring that all students in target groups are on a pathway that stretches and challenges them to the full and allows them access to a range of pathways for FE,HE and employment
  3. To develop our curriculum (formal and informal) so that it reflects, recognises and celebrates the diversity of our community
  4. To empower every member of the school community to challenge all forms of discrimination and help us to become a truly inclusive environment in which everyone is treated equally.

Our target groups are students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, disadvantaged students and disadvantaged white British boys

Our strategy to close the gap between disadvantaged and other students aligns with the strategic priorities of our School Development Plan.


COVID-19 Catch-up premium

Remaining funds from 2020-21 will be spent in closing the gap for core subjects. This will be assessed through regular monitoring, data analysis and progress reports.


Summer school Funding 2021-22

The aim of our programme was to deliver an enjoyable summer school, which supported academic progress and personal development for our new Year 7 students.

The summer school was held between 23rd and 27th August 2021 and all incoming Year 7 students were invited.  Students had the opportunity to build positive relationships with their peers and teachers, familiarise themselves with their new school, engage positively with subject lessons and participate in various enrichment activities.

Below are details of the funding received and a breakdown of how it was spent:

Income £10,215

Staffing £6,700

Catering £500

Cleaning: £500

Activities £1,500

Resources £1,000