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Transition into secondary school

We aim to ensure that a young boy's transition from primary school into William Ellis School is as smooth and purposeful as possible.

We want families to make an informed choice about their choice of secondary school. We hope that through our website, our prospectus and through open events at our school and events at primary schools and Camden Town Hall that parents and carers have sufficient useful opportunities to find out about William Ellis School, not just from the staff but from our students and parents too.

"A very positive start to secondary school, thank you" - Year 7 parent

"My first year at William Ellis has been fantastic...we have learnt to play rugby and softball.  In most lessons I have hit my end of year target...I have made more friends and I have a lot of praise points" - Year 7 student

William Ellis School typically has students from over 40 primary schools in Year 7.  In some cases there may be only boy from one primary school and up to 18 from another.  No matter which we aim to make every boy welcome and feel secure about his transition to Ellis.

Our transition programme

In Year 6 we start a programme of support for boys coming to William Ellis School to help them prepare for the move.

Mr Altmann, the Head of Year 7 and Transition visits every boy in his primary school.  This is an opportunity for boys and the school to find out more about each other.  Mr Altmann will speak to Year 6 teachers to find out as much as he can about individuals learning and social needs to make sure the transition process is as effective as possible.

Every boy joining WES is invited to an induction day at the beginning of July to sample life at secondary school.  The day provides an opportunity to students to meet their new form group and form tutor as well as experience a number of lessons in different curriculum areas.  

We hold an information evening for new parents and carers, this is an opportunity to meet key staff and to meet each other along with finding out more about how the school works.

There is a special programme for boys who may be particularly anxious or concerned about the move to secondary school.  This will involve small group work and additional visits to school.

We have strong student leadership at WES and one important strand is the work of our Year 7 transition mentors.  These boys are trained to support new students joining the school. Many of them make visits to primary schools giving our forthcoming new students an opportunity to find out more about life at WES.

Every new Year 7 student is encouraged to come to our summer school which takes place during the Summer Holiday.  There are lots of fun and interactive activities.  It is a great opportunity for new students to make friends and to get to know their teachers.