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Year 10

Senior Pastoral Leader for Year 10: Mr Parry

Tutor group


10B (Burgh) Ms Neli / Ms Balabhadra
10F (Fenton) Ms Damms
10K (Keats) Mr Madsen
10L (Lauderdale) Ms Rahman
10W (Willow) Ms Vettiankal

There is a considerable step up from Key Stage 3, notably in the importance of independent work and crucially regular revision. As part of the transition into Key Stage 4 the year group received a study skills day that showed them the importance of working steadily, trying different methods when working and making their work active.Year 10 is the first year of your son’s GCSE course. All of the content studied, understanding gained and skills used are directly relevant to the exams and controlled assessments that will determine end GCSE grades.


ePlatform is a library lending system designed to make the borrowing and reading of eBooks simple and enjoyable. The setup is simply to complete and the eBook reading process an enjoyable and seamless one.

To access ePlatform, please click here

Work Experience

Takes place over a fortnight in the Summer Term. Details for 2021 to follow.