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Exam information


Results 2024

  • Summer 2024 (A-Level/BTEC Level 3) – 15th August 2024 - available for collection from 9.00am 
  • Summer 2024 (GCSE/BTEC Level 2) – 22nd August 2024 - bailable for collection from 9.00am from LaSWAP building

The joint council for qualifications (JCQ) has published a series of regulations regarding the conduct of examinations. All students have a responsibility to read them.

Please click here to be taken to the JCQ website.

Mobile Phones – Malpractice

Under no circumstances are phones allowed in exam rooms, this is regarded as malpractice by the exam boards regardless of intention.  Penalty found in possession of a mobile phone but switched off is 0 mark for the paper, phone switched on is disqualification from the exam subject. 

Late Arrivals

To help you, we can send out your timetable by email and send a text reminder, please make sure we have the most up to date email address and mobile phone number for you.

If you arrive one hour after the starting time of your actual exam, you are unlikely to get your exam paper accepted by the exam board.  A better chance of getting your exam paper accepted would be for you to be in supervision by a parent/guardian (who has possession of your mobile phone) and for them to escort you to the Exams Officer.  This will help demonstrate you have not had any communication or contact with any other candidate. 

However for mock exams, if you are later than 15 minutes after the starting time you will not be admitted into the exam room. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – JCQ Exam Contingency means that in the event of national disruption that exams will take place at another time, up to and including Wednesday 26th June 2019.  Candidate availability during this time is done so at their own risk, eg. If a candidate goes on holiday before then and this happens they will not be eligible for special consideration.

Absence / Special consideration 

If you are absent from an exam we will attempt to contact you (providing the details we have for you are current) to find out where you are, and what options you have.

If you have a medical reason / ill-health, you can apply for special consideration but exam board will need supporting medical evidence that lists on it:

  • Your name
  • The illness/condition you have/had
  • The effects it had on you, and that you were not capable of taking an exam
  • It must be dated, or cover the date you were absent from the exam
  • It must have the name and occupation of a medical doctor/consultant who is supplying this evidence

You have up to seven days after your last exam in the summer to provide this medical evidence.

If your absence is because of something serious, but not medical please contact the exams officer immediately to find out what options are possible.


These rules apply to all KS4 examinations and above and are derived from the rules for public examinations set by the Joint Council for Qualifications.

  • You must be on time for your exams
  • You must wear your ID badge
  • You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice as part of the examination
  • You may take into the examination room only the materials and equipment you are allowed
  • You may not have any writing, decorative or otherwise, on your body
  • Your equipment must be in a see-through pencil case. You may only use a calculator if permitted in the exam
  • You must not take into the examination room any unauthorised materials or equipment such as notes, MP3/4 players, mobile phones, watches or internet communication devices. If you take it to your place, even if you do not intend to use it, you are breaking examination rules and you may be subject to disqualification
  • Invigilators may ask to check that you have no earphones in your ears as you go into the exam. If your ears are not easily visible exam staff may ask you to show them your ears. A private room may be arranged on request.
  • You need to write with black ink and you cannot use correction fluid or colours on your answer paper unless this is specified
  • You must not talk or communicate with other candidates in any way with other candidates until you have been dismissed and are outside the examination room. You must not disturb other candidates during the exam
  • You cannot borrow equipment from other candidates during the exam
  • If you leave the examination hall unsupervised you will not be allowed back in to the examination room
  • You must remove all labels from drink bottles before you take them into the exam room
  • You are not permitted to leave to go to the toilet during exams less than one hour in length
  • You must follow the instructions and requests of the invigilators. You may not leave the examination room without their permission


Breaking the examination code of conduct is malpractice. The school is obliged to report malpractice to the examination body and the examination body will decide on the penalty.

Be polite to invigilators and fully co-operate. Not following their instructions is malpractice and you could get disqualified for it. Being rude to staff during exams is malpractice and you could get disqualified for it.

exam timetables 

Exams in November, January and Summer will be sent in hard copy as a statement of entry to your home address.  The dates, times and information on it comes directly from exam boards.

However, if it is useful to you to get your exam timetable (both mock and actual) emailed, and text reminders for upcoming exams, please update your email and phone numbers to make sure we can send them to you.

You can update this information in the following ways:

Online by following this link -

In Person at WES school reception (Year 10/11) / LaSWAP building Centre Manager (Sixth Form)

Exam Clashes

If you are unsure about what to do, please go and see your exams officer or email them.

Year 10/11 if you have an exam clash you will be placed in supervision to enable you to take both exams.  While in supervision you will not have access to any revision notes or electronic devices. 

Sixth Form if you have an exam clash between centres, then you will be notified by your exams officer at your base school by letter (and email) and you must follow the instructions as to which school you have to attend first as staffing and supervision has been arranged at that centre and they will be expecting you. 

If you break supervision at any point you will not be permitted to finish any of the remaining clash papers