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Aims, purpose, values and vision

Our purpose and vision

Our aims

We are a school where students:

  • have ambition, work hard and make excellent progress
  • believe that by applying themselves they can get better
  • are involved in their own learning and help drive school decisions
  • feel supported, welcomed and respected for their individuality
  • know their rights and responsibilities and are prepared to be responsible, global citizens in a democratic society
  • possess an informed understanding of the world of work and how wealth is created with an awareness of ethical behaviour, respect for the environment and social justice
  • cultivate creative skills and an appreciation of art, music, drama and design
  • develop an interest in the wider world and other cultures
  • have pride in their school and have high expectations for themselves and their peers

Our values 


  • promote the highest achievement in our students
  • are committed to excellent teaching in a well-ordered, stimulating learning environment as this is a right for all students
  • build strong relationships with students and each other
  • continuously evaluate the progress learners are making
  • demonstrate and articulate social and moral values and respect for others
  • challenge fixed mindsets because we believe that through focused effort and constructive feedback individual (and collective) capability will develop
  • listen to student voice and act on it
  • celebrate a broad range of achievements: academic, artistic, sporting, leadership