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Year 9 Camp


As our Year 9 students approach the end of their KS3 education, we feel this is the perfect time to stage the Year 9 camp, to celebrate the journey and achievements the boys have accomplished by this point in their William Ellis career, since arriving at the school almost three years earlier. All of the Year 9 students are invited to join us on this week-long Year 9 camp in order to celebrate this feat, with their form group and friends.

This camp will challenge our boys to work as part of a team in order to complete a personal, physical challenge – to set up their own tents, cook their own meals and to complete the widely recognised DofE Bronze expedition.

The week commences with a full day of water sports – canoeing at Southwater Watersports Centre – before students arrive back at their camps where they spend the next few nights. It is from here, on the following day, that one half of the year will embark on the Bronze expedition whilst the other makes their way back to The Mill for two days of activities.

The Bronze Expedition will consist of two, seven-mile days during which the boys will have to navigate themselves around a circular route through the Surrey Hills, passing manned checkpoints along the way for motivation, water and the assurance that they’re going the right way. Following this first day of walking, the boys set up their tents and prepare and eat their evening meal, before settling in for the night with games around the campsite and going to bed. Day two starts with students making and eating their breakfast, followed by a (slightly shorter) walk back to The Mill, passing by the other group, maybe even having time to stop, catch up, or even eat lunch together at a checkpoint. On arrival back at The Mill, a hot dinner will be prepared for the boys, giving them a chance to clean or dry any dirty or wet clothes ready for a following day of activities onsite, testing their creative thinking and physical and mental abilities.

For the other half of the group, the week’s structure is reversed. They will make their way to The Mill from Southwater Watersports, for a day of activities and team building exercises, before embarking on their own expeditions the following day. From The Mill, the boys in group 2 will make their way through the shorter route towards the second campsite where they will make their dinners, have some downtime, or get some well-earned rest. The making of breakfast and a day of walking follows. Both groups have then completed the Bronze DofE expedition.

Friday will consist of a relaxed morning, packing away tents and kit, before returning to London.


Year 9 Camp Summer 2023

Please bear with us whilst we finalise plans and arrangements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable camp before we share any payment information, itineraries, consent forms or information letters with you.


In the meantime, should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Court: