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Year 9 Camp

As our Year 9 students reach the end of their Key Stage 3 education, we feel it is important for them to celebrate the journey since arriving at the school nearly 3 years ago. All Year 9 students are invited to attend a 3 day camp, with their form group.

This camp challenges our students to work as part of a team, to complete a personal physical challenge, to set up their tents and cook their own food. The trip begins when they arrive at The Mill, the school's residential centre, in Dorking, Surrey.

From The Mill they will embark on a 7 mile hike, carrying a rucksack containing their personal effects, parts of their tent and cooking equipment. Whilst on this walk the boys will work as a team to complete a series of challenges set by school staff.

On arrival at the campsite boys will begin setting up their tents and preparing their evening meal. After a hearty meal we will have time around the campfire to relax before beginning some evening activities.

On day two of the trip boys will take a shorter walk back to The Mill and unpack their bags and clean the equipment to get it ready for the next group. At The Mill, students can relax, shower and have some down time before taking part in a range of sporting activities, team challenges and games to test their creative thinking!

On day three, after breakfast, pupils spend some time reflecting on their trip and completing some more challenges and beginning their journey back to reality!

Please find all information you may require about the trip below. If you have any questions about the Year 9 trip, please contact Mr Court, Head of Outdoor Learning.


Year 9 Camp 2022

Thank you all very much for returning the first permission slips. The next step is to fill out the medical form. This is so that we can have a copy of anything we might need to know whist at The Mill. This form needs to be filled out by Monday 18th April 2022. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Court: .

Year 9 medical form