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Computer Science

Key Stage 3

Students are taught computational thinking. The skills they are taught are used to create digital artefacts such as games and apps


Year 7

In year 7 students discover how versatile Scratch is and develop the skills to make a fully playable game. The also create an interactive maze and learn how to edit images using Photoshop. Students learn about file structures, e-safety and how networks work. They will also be coding on the new BBC Micro-bit.


Year 8   

Year 8 students will be making their game using Kodu as well as designing and making their own apps using Appshed.  Students use spreadsheets to learn about logic gates and get to code in JavaScript.

Year 9 sees students advancing their programming skills to use Python. They edit a film using Serif Moviemaker. Students also learn about Databases and types of communications hardware. All year 9 students program Lego robots and the UCL created Engduinos in a specially designed session in the hall.