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Computer Science

Key Stage 3

Throughout KS3, students are taught computational thinking methods which enable them to create digital artefacts such as web and native applications. They will look further into the core aspects of computer systems and network fundamentals, to provide the necessary building blocks for KS4.


Year 7

In year 7 the students discover how versatile block programming is with Scratch, which helps develop their skills in logical thinking. They learn how to conduct themselves professionally while online, through the awareness of E-Safety. Network and system architecture are introduced through step by step exposure of different computing and network devices.  The knowledge acquired from block programming is then transitioned to a keyword format of programming, through the use of Python. The representation of data is finally delivered with the use of interactive activities, that makes use of visual learning.


Year 8   

In year 8 the students will revisit system architecture with a more detailed approach. Exposing them to more practical examples of system components. Web development is an intricate part of year 8, which enables the students to implement a functional website and provide a foundation to Web Technologies for KS5. Programming will be revisited to sharpen the students algorithmic thinking methods, by solving more complex problems with the use of Python. Once Python programming is second nature, exposure to the different planning methods and algorithms will be covered through pseudocode, flow charts, searching and sorting algorithms.