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The main aims of our department are: 

  • To stimulate pupils' interest and curiosity about the world in which they live as part of a lifelong process. 
  • To develop pupils' awareness at local, national and global scales. 
  • To help pupils understand the interrelationships between people and their environments throughout the world. 

    Key Stage 3                                                                                                                                                                     


         Year 7 

  • Map skills: directions, distances, symbols, grid references. 
  • Our Home Region – Urbanisation: location of London, urban land uses, settlement patterns, differences in urban and rural living.
  • Volcanoes: causes, features, impacts, dangers and benefits. 
  • China: physical features, Human features, daily life, schools comparison. 
  • Swains Lane Investigation – Shopping survey, introduction to geographical investigations.

    Year 8 
  • The World Cup (focus on Russia and Qatar): Physical Features, Biomes, Climate, Human features.
  • Glaciation: Glaciated areas, erosional and depositional features. 
  • Geography of Crime (Using GIS):  Software, Layering, Police using GIS, conducting a geographical investigation about crime in the local area.
  • Rivers & water consumption: Water Cycle, Drainage Basin, Meanders, Waterfalls, Flooding.

         Year 9 

  • Development issues: measuring development, reasons for development, commodity dependency, trade. 
  • Weather Hazards: Tropical storms, Droughts, Climate Change. 
  • Population: changes, density, pyramids, migration. 


          Year 10 and 11