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History and Politics

The main aims of our Department are:

  • To stimulate pupils' interest and curiosity about a range of cultures and time periods.
  • To foster inquisitive minds who can confidently analyse both sources and historical interpretations.
  • To encourage pupils to draw upon a wide range of knowledge in order to make historical judgements.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Battle of Hastings-why did William win?
  • William the Conqueror-how did he keep control of England?
  • Who had the power in the medieval period?
  • Medieval London
  • How similar was the medieval Islamic world to medieval London?
  • The Medieval Church

Year 8

  • The Rocky Road to Democracy
  • Industrial Revolution-how far does the Industrial Revolution deserve its name?
  • British Empire-should Britain apologise for her Empire?
  • The Development of the Rights of Black Americans
  • Female suffrage-why did women get the vote?

Year 9

  • World War One-why were Britain and her allies able to win?
  • Weimar and Nazi Germany
  • Who was responsible for the Holocaust?
  • World War Two
  • The Cold War