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Drama is taught to KS3 students for one hour per week. Students learn about the artistic practice of drama and how to create and sustain a range of roles in both planned and improvised work.

In Year 7 students use a range of texts to create drama: the story of Odysseus, Macbeth and The Pardoner’s Tale. We also learn through drama by ‘rehearsing for life’ by focusing on topics such as bullying and relationships.

In Year 8 we build physical skills through a unit on boxing, in which students learn controlled movement at the same time as questioning the moral implications of pursuing the sport. We also use poetry from diverse voices, modern comedic scripts and news articles to create drama.

Year 9 students spend time focusing on theatre design (set, costume, lighting and sound), as well as building skills in practical drama through texts about World War One, a mysterious character called Comet and a thought-provoking short film called The Thief.